Who is using the applications of Intersinaptico?
Intersinaptico applications are used by enterprises and institutions to get a better grip on management of personal, products, clients and costs. Intersinaptico has developed software for customer relations and sales, acquisition and stock management, accounting, student administration, event management and human resources management. Due to their modular structure, applications can be expanded at a later date, and it is extremely common that with the growing presence of data more reports are added to make better use of the data present.
Do I need training to use Intersinaptico applications?
Normally not. If you know how to open a browser, click buttons and otherwise use the Internet through browsers, there should be no problem. If you can use Google or Facebook, you can use Intersinaptico applications. Intersinaptico assumes however that its users are capable of filling out a registration form, search information on their browser, and are able to configure the settings. The user manual should normally be more than enough to allow efficient handling of the application. If the system requires additional training, it should be agreed upon separately. Training can be delivered face-to-face in Nicaragua or through webinars worldwide.
Do I need internet access to use the applications?
Clients increasingly choose public websites to host their applications, as this is often cheaper and easier than buying hardware. Furthermore, it has the added advantage that the application is accessible 24/7 through your smartphone or tablet. In this case, Internet is obviously a must.
However, it is possible to install the application locally on your own computers. A designated server may serve your office computers, and the application will also work if the Internet is disconnected (provided that you have a router to keep your network running). You will need internet access however to allow for system updates.
Can I try out a demo application?
Yes. There is a simple demo that gives a reasonable idea of the look and feel of Intersinaptico website.
Can I import existing data?
Previous data can be imported, but the cost of the migration depends on the structure of the data and the amount. Have a look at our pricing structure to learn more.
What kind of support is available?
You can write an email to Intersinaptico detailing your problem. You will get a reply in less than 24 hours, normally much less. You can also call us from GMT 14:00-GMT 01:00. Use skype for urgent questions, please check out our contact section.
What do I need to use Intersinaptico applications?
You only need a computer with internet connection. As the applications are accessed over a browser, it does not matter whether you use Windows, Linux, Android, or Mac.
Do I need to buy licenses?
All Intersinaptico systems are designed using free software. We use hosting sites with Linux operating systems, together with MySQL databases. All applications are programmed in PHP.
There is no licensing cost, nor do we use cracked licenses of third parties.
If you have more questions you can contact us at info@intersinaptico.com.