What will I pay for application development?
In most cases, we first make you an offer based on project specifications. All input and reporting is defined in a document containing screen mockups that clearly define the fields and functioning of the application. The same document also specifies for which documents additional functionality like annulling, deleting, pdf creation and excel creation is available.
Once there is an agreement on the scope, the price and the duration of the project, implementation starts. If you take the time to clearly identify your needs, the agreed upon cost is the only cost. There is no recurrent monthly fee, and the solution is guaranteed to work. Contact info@intersinaptico.com to get in touch and obtain a quotation.
What services are included besides the application itself?
First of all, the contract includes the initial installation of the application.
After installation of the application, Intersinaptico takes daily backups for the last month to mitigate disaster scenarios. This allows us to get you back online with at most one day of data loss.
Intersinaptico also provides a user manual for each application free of charge.
The contract also takes into account a specific number of meetings or visits to follow up.
Finally, there is no charge for research; if you request a specific not out of the box functionality, this may require some investigations. This ongoing research contributes to the knowledge base of Intersinaptico, and will not be charged to the client.
Do I need training to use Intersinaptico applications?
Normally not. If you know how to open a browser, click buttons and otherwise use the Internet through browsers, there should be no problem. Intersinaptico assumes however that its users are capable to fill out a registration form, search information on their browser, and are able to configure the settings. The user manual should normally be more than enough to allow efficient handling of the application. If the system requires additional training, it should be agreed upon separately. Training can be delivered face-to-face in Nicaragua or through webinars worldwide.
Are hosting costs included?
Hosting services are separate. You can use your own Internet Service Provider if they provide support for PHP code and MySQL databases (the de facto industry standard).
The registration of a domain name needs to be renewed yearly, the hosting of the application is a monthly cost.
You can also decide to have the application installed on your own server, but this option needs to be specified in the contract as it implies a more complicated updating process.
Do I have to pay if the system throws a coding error?
No. Solutions are guaranteed to be working, and there will be no extra costs for fixes. However, if user content is configured improperly and this prevents the application from saving, it is the client’s responsibility to fix this. We can offer you assistance to analyse the problem and correct it, but in that case there will be an extra charge based on the hours worked.
What happens if I want to modify functionality or add extra fields?
Any modification that is not explicitly mentioned in the agreed upon screens will incur an additional hourly charge. The hourly cost is established in the contract and will be indexed yearly.
Typical actions that lead to additional charges include:
Changes in calculations
Addition of extra fields or other changes in database structure
Addition of extra buttons
Application of filters
Generation of additional pdf documents or reformating of existing ones
Generation or reformating of excel files
Changes in printing functionality
Changes in search functionadtty
Generating graphs
All these conditions are mentioned explicitly in the contract and unless they are included specifically, their addition will incur costs. Also, unless the client provides a clear page layout and design at the start of the project, it is assumed that the page design is accepted when the project is delivered. Subsequent changes will lead to extra costs. Likewise, if documentation has to be updated due to changes in functionality, this will be charged separately.
Modifications are only implemented after a written request by the client. If the client makes an oral request, intersinaptico sends a written email with a list of requested updates. The client should acknowledge receipt of the message and agree to the modifications before they are realized.