Human Resource Management

If you are a service provider, it is likely that human resources constitute the capital of your business, and it is essential crucial to schedule time tables, make reservations and keep track of services delivered. And even if your business is product oriented, you may want to keep track of your employee’s holidays, timetable, contact data and payments.

Customer Relations and Sales Administration

No matter who your target audience is, selling your services and products to your clients is key to your business. It is important to keep close track of your clients by keeping your contact data up to date. Reporting on sales gives you an insight who are your key clients and allows you to manage your business better. It is crucial to follow up on quotations, sales orders and invoices. Once you have this information, you can analyse your data through reporting of monthly sales and even start emailing campaigns to follow up your clients.


Clients often want to integrate invoicing data with their accounting system so that financial reporting is generated on the fly. This often means that purchase and sale information is coupled to accounting registers, and accounting data is explicitly present throughout the process.

Acquisition and Stock Management

Whether you are a producer or a vendor, you need to buy products before you can sell them to your clients. Keep track of your providers and your purchase orders, and register the products that enter in stock. If you have a production step in your process, this will involve processing of your raw material to deliver end products, thus affecting your stock.

Student Administration

Schools not only have to focus on payments made, they also need to follow up closely on their students. This usually involves tracking of the presence of required documents when a student registers, collecting basic data, and later on keeping track of academic data.

Event Management

Organizations no longer can survive in a vacuum or an ivory tower, and it is becoming increasingly common for businesses and institutions to reach out to potential clients and local communities. One way to reach audiences is by organizing events, which involves event configuration and subscription tracking. This ties in neatly with the customer management modules, as this is an effective way to quickly expand your contact database.