A demo just to get an idea

How do I access the demo?
To access the demo, register an administration account that will be valid for 6 weeks. This account gives you full access to the demo
What does the demo show
The demo gives you a general look and feel of how applications may look and feel. In this case, what is shown is a basic production system, with stock management, sales and a minimal accounting section. This is just a short example of how applications may be structured.
Which elements will I find in an application with distinct functionality
Every application has user restricted login that controls which parts of the application can be accessed through the main menu. All data elements are linked together through both links and contextual menus. Also, generation of pdf and excel are common themes in all applications
I liked the demo, but would like to see a demo for another system, e.g. for events, for full accounting, ... Do you have demos for that?
Yes, just send us an email with your needs and we will give you access to a relevant demo.
Some words in the demo are in a language other than Spanish, why is that?
The demo is based on an existing application in Spanish. While efforts were made to retain only English terms, it is well possible that Spanish content remains. Furthermore, there are also Spanish speakers using the same demo for now, which means that they will register content in Spanish.
Will I endlessly be receiving emails from Intersinaptico if I register for a demo account?
No. You get an email when you register, and you will normally receive some follow up emails if you may write to you directly, but you will not be victim of marketing campaigns.
I would like a flashier user design, can you deliver it?
While a different style may be applied, Intersinaptico applications focus on functionality more than on looks. This does not mean the interface needs to be ugly, it's just that the beautification of the screen is added when requested by the client. We just try to keep it simple and focus on working solution instead of on shiny stuff. For advanced styling features we collaborate with professional graphics designers.