What's in a name - a short history

Intersinaptico was established in 2013, and has since provided dependable, secure and efficient solutions to clients in Europe, the Americas and Asia. Focussing initially on education systems, Intersinaptico has diversified to offer full fledged systems for businesses and organizations alike.
The name is a concatenation of Inter, literally (a connection) between and Sinaptico, which derives from the neural synapse, the location in our brain where data is exchanged between neurons. Intersinaptico strives to do just that: connecting data in a most effective manner possible.
All applications are designed to be an optimal match for your needs.

David Dionys - Owner Manager of Intersinaptico

Of Belgian origin, David graduated as an electrical engineer, and has worked with IT since 2000. Working initially with licensed systems from Microsoft (Visual Basic, C#, ASP.Net, Windows Server), he became Microsoft certified before turning to open source programming with PHP and MySQL. Since 2008 he has worked with Joomla, Drupal, Code Igniter, CakePHP and Laravel. He also uses Matlab and R for statistical data analysis and python for bioinformatics. With a strong language knowledge of English, Spanish, Dutch, French, German and Italian, international communication is an added value in the services of Intersinaptico.
While he has worked as part of teams and occasionally collaborates with third parties for graphics design, the analysis and development of applications are in his hand, which leads to a great user support as he is intimately familiar with the code used in all applications.
During his free time he schools himself in microbiology and systems biology and spends time with his daughters.

Intersinaptico’s Clients

Note: notice that no links are provided because most are secured systems, and quite a few not even in the cloud
UWC Belgium
United World Colleges Belgium
Global Supply Nicaragua
Import Export Global Supply Nicaragua
Orna S.A.
Bottle Manufacturing Orna s.a.
Mas Publicidad
Marketing Mas Publicidad
Marketing Apolo
Niño Jesus de Praga
Primary & Secondary School Niño Jesus de Praga
The Euro Daily
News Site The Euro Daily
Siptar Colombia
Siptar SBS Billing System
Printers and Copiers E&E
Printers and Copiers E&E
Agricultural Processing William Gurdian
Agricultural Processing William Gurdian